About Us

Healthy Indulgence is an independent health food shop based in Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

Established in 2011 by Advanced Nutritionist Sarah Hagen, the shop stocks a wide range of organic, vegan, allergen-free chilled and frozen foods – including home-cooked meals, cakes and cookies – herbal remedies, vitamins and mineral supplements, and aromatherapy. A refill service for hair, body and home cleaning products is also available.

The dedicated team at Healthy Indulgence are passionate about offering their customers the best foods, supplements, and products aimed at good health and wellbeing. They take pride in supporting and helping customers with any health and lifestyle concerns or queries.

Sarah specialises in food intolerances and offers a testing service as well as nutritional consultations. She works with clients who have problems with ME/CFS, thyroid, Crohns Disease, high cholesterol, IBS, skin conditions, etc, and can provide weight loss programmes.

Meet the Team

Sarah Hagen

Sarah is a qualified nutritionist and specialises in food intolerances. Knowing your body and understanding the foods that work well with it, and those that don’t, Sarah feels are the key to a happy and healthy life. Following a long period of suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2005, Sarah found that what she ate had a significant impact on minimising the debilitating effects and speeding her towards a complete recovery. In 2006 Sarah qualified as a nutritionist and in 2008 embarked on a new venture by launching Healthy Indulgence in Cowes High Street. 

Fran Heath

Hi, I’m Fran. I joined the team in March 2019, but I’ve been a regular customer for years. With lots of advice and a food intolerance test, Sarah helped me recover from a long period of illness and chronic fatigue. I now follow a vegan diet and am studying advanced nutrition. 

Annabel Esman

Annabel Esman

Michelle Brining

Michelle Brining